“Happiness is found in the small pleasures of life and a latte art espresso is one of those”

The Tupinamba company, product and brand dates back to 1897. In those days, coffee was still a novelty, sold by weight it was a treat to be enjoyed when out. Tupinamba was the first company to introduce a range of the best coffees from around the world in customised branded packaging.

Tupinamba was founded in the heart of a modernista Barcelona, a factor illustrated by the company’s advertising campaign of that time, the design of which was entrusted to the famous modernista painter, Ramon Casas.

Throughout the whole of Tupinamba’s history, generation after generation, we have managed to stay true to our dream by consistently producing the best quality coffees with a modern, avant-garde brand image, progressive spirit and approach.

We have created a number of tutorial videos, which we will regularly add to on our YouTube channel, so that we can make this training available to everyone. As a result we are able to offer the benefit of our experience and provide access to training for all our clients, wherever they are and whenever they need it.

Choosing Tupinamba is adding a different kind of experience that goes beyond selling cups of coffee. It is creating happy moments that allow us to dream.

CLASSROOM 1: The perfect espresso.

CLASSROOM 2: The grinder.

CLASSROOM 3: Steaming the milk.

CLASSROOM 4: Latte Macciato.

CLASSROOM 5: Latte art.

CLASSROOM 6: Mochaccino.

CLASSROOM 7: Organisation.

CLASSROOM 8: Turning on.


TUPICONCEPT: Latte Macchiato.



TUPICONCEPT: Choconamba.

TUPINAMBA: Frappé de chocolate.

TUPINAMBA: Shakeratto.

TUPINAMBA: Smoothie Frutas del Bosque.

TUPINAMBA: Smoothie de remolacha.

TUPINAMBA: Té frío de frutas del bosque.