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Certified Quality

Tupinamba Grup is certified through the ISO 9001-2015 quality management system which applies to the entire production and marketing process for all its coffee brands and also accredits the group's commitment to quality.

Innovating since 1897

We have advocated the same philosophy in our system of production since 1897: ongoing innovation for excellence in all our products.

Our production centre facilities incorporate the most advanced technology, enabling us to parameterize the ideal roasting curves for each of our green coffee origins. Because each coffee origin needs the correct roasting time and temperature before it is able to form part of a blend. Subsequently, through an exclusive computer-controlled process, we obtain precise, uniform blends, thus achieving the highest standards of quality in each Tupinamba blend.

In recent years, Tupinamba has committed to ongoing investment in its production centre to be able to offer the most comprehensive range of single-variety coffees and blends, with very distinct characteristics and nuances. Our significant capacity in terms of production and support allows for an unrestricted approach to breaking into new markets.