Since 1897
Roasting the best coffee

The best coffee for your customers

Each cup we offer brings with it more than 125 years of experience in coffee roasting, ensuring that your business is the best it can be.

Tamper, compactador o prensador de café usado para prensar café Tupinamba.


We understand that coffee isn't just a drink, it's an experience. Our exceptional coffee not only delights the senses, but it also boosts the loyalty of your customers and generates constant praise. Take your business in the HORECA sector to new levels of success with every cup of Tupinamba Coffee.

Café solo Tupinamba en vaso al aire libre.


Enrich your guests' stay with the touch of luxury in every cup of our coffee, both natural roasted coffee beans and compostable coffee capsules. Elevate the lodging experience at your hotel with the unparalleled quality of our freshly roasted coffee and our special solutions for hotels.


We know that a good cup of coffee can make a difference in your workday. Our exceptional quality and our super-automatic machines make every coffee break an enriching experience. Boost your team's morale and turn your office into a place where productivity meets pleasure.


At Cafés Tupinamba, we transcend borders and challenge global limits. Our presence extends to dozens of countries, where we offer the unmatched quality of our products backed by the experience of a world-class roaster. Join us and bring Cafés Tupinamba to the rest of the world.

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Tupinamba at home

More than a century of coffee brewing experience, now available to enjoy in the comfort of your home. From coffee beans to capsules and teas, we have everything you need to enjoy quality right at your home.

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More than 125 years in the world of coffee

A history of innovation since 1897. From the heart of modernism in Barcelona, we have kept our fresh and avant-garde image, constantly renewing ourselves over the years.

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Moledora de café en grano Tupinamba.Café con leche elaborándose en una taza de Tupinamba.Café con leche elaborándose en una taza de Tupinamba.Imagen antigua de una Cafetería Tupinamba.Moledora de café en grano Tupinamba.Imagen antigua de una Cafetería Tupinamba.Moledora de café en grano Tupinamba.Imagen antigua de una Cafetería Tupinamba.
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