Alongside the barista since 1897

We've perfected the art of delivering the highest quality in every cup. From generation to generation, we have fulfilled our dream of meeting the needs and desires of our beloved baristas, who are the true source of inspiration behind our legacy.

Tupinamba Cafés: A Legacy of Innovation Since 1897

In 1897, Cafés Tupinamba was born in the heart of Modernist Barcelona, a time when coffee outside the home was a novelty. The proof of our history lies in the advertising commissioned to the iconic modernist painter Ramón Casas, whose work continues to represent Barcelona at the end of the 19th century.

For generations, we have kept alive the tradition of roasting our coffees, combining it with the latest technology. We even exceed the quality and safety standards set by European Law, all from our factory in Canet de Mar. This allows us to be a top-quality local product for our customers.

Our artistic legacy and collaboration with Ramón Casas continue to reflect our unique history in the world of coffee. Since our inception, Cafés Tupinamba's dream has been, and will always be, to meet the needs and desires of our customers, the baristas. We are a company in constant innovation, anticipating ourselves with the best solutions.

This is how we write our history and paint the future: with passion, quality and an avant-garde vision that continues to inspire generations of coffee lovers around the world.

Moledora de café en grano Tupinamba.Café con leche elaborándose en una taza de Tupinamba.Café con leche elaborándose en una taza de Tupinamba.Imagen antigua de una Cafetería Tupinamba.Moledora de café en grano Tupinamba.Imagen antigua de una Cafetería Tupinamba.Moledora de café en grano Tupinamba.Imagen antigua de una Cafetería Tupinamba.

The Unwavering Pursuit of Excellence at Every Stage

Centro de elaboración de Café Tupinamba.

Over the years, Cafés Tupinamba has undergone an exciting evolution. Since its inception in Barcelona, it has experienced changes in location driven by the need to expand its toasters and packaging machines. Currently, our headquarters are located on the beautiful outskirts of Barcelona, in Canet de Mar, where we operate a sustainable energy factory of 10,000 square meters. In this advanced factory, we combine cutting-edge technology with artisanal roasting, creating precise and consistent blends that meet the most rigorous standards. We have invested in capacities and varieties to offer a wide range of monovarietal, organic and blended coffees with unique nuances. Our unwavering dedication allows us to conquer new markets without limits, and to spread the tradition of Cafés Tupinamba to every corner of the world. We are a company that keeps the passion for coffee alive, growing over time, and bringing our excellence from Barcelona to your cup, no matter where you are in the world.

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