Our distinctive product range

In our eternal commitment to being leaders in quality and service, we have managed to merge centuries-old craftsmanship with the most advanced technologies in our ultramodern factory.

Our Brands

Logo de Tupinamba con fondo blanco.Logo de Parentésis con fondo blanco.Logo de L'Indià con fondo blanco.Logo de Roura Cafès con fondo blanco.Logo de Tupispresso con fondo blanco.Logo de Café 40 Países con fondo blanco.Logo de Oh! Caffe con fondo blanco.
Paquete de café en grano Tupinamba Signature.

Coffee beans

The Essence of Our Tradition

Our coffee beans are at the heart of our story. Each bean is meticulously selected and masterfully roasted to bring you top-quality coffee beans, ready to grind and enjoy to your liking.

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Coffee capsules

Your excellent taste in every cup, and in harmony with the planet

Not only do our capsules encapsulate the highest quality and flavor in every coffee, but they are also fully compostable. We have condensed the excellence of our coffee in a sustainable way, so you can enjoy it quickly and easily in the comfort of your home or workplace, knowing that you are taking care of our planet.

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Cápsula de café Tupinamba compostable al aire libre.
Té de Tupinamba en vaso de cristal sostenido por una persona.Bolsa de té Tupinamba dentro de una taza.

Teas and infusions

Explore a world of unique flavors

Immerse yourself in a world of flavors with our wide variety of teas and infusions. From comforting classics to innovative blends, our infusions offer you a unique and comforting experience in every cup. Discover a range of flavors that awaken the senses and transport you to a journey of delights in every sip.

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Trending Products

The Future of Coffee

At Cafés Tupinamba, we lead the way in gastronomic trends, so you can delight your customers with the most innovative recipes loved by coffee lovers.

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Chai Latte Tupinamba con hielo en vaso.


We have everything you need to satisfy your customers!

From Take-Away cups and glasses to sugar, sweetener, chopsticks, lids for glasses... and Merchandising to boost your business!

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